Hi, can anyone help please? What is the best Ipad app for recording meetings (around a table with say 20 people) and which external microphone?

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    I can speak for Recorder Pro by DAVA, but I have the iPhone version. The app has 3 settings for recording quality: "Low" to conserve memory; "Good" which they say is best for recording voice; and "Best" which records in CD quality, but uses considerable memory. I use it for recording lectures in usually medium-sized classrooms. The CD quality doesn't disappoint. I can create folders to organize my files for different classes/topics. It has a nifty little reel-to-reel icon that spins to indicate when you are recording. It has a dual hh/mm/ss display in recording and playback mode. One drawback I don't like about it is that the scrubbing feature is not very accurate for somebody with thick fingers like me. But again, this is the iPhone version. Hope this helps. ~N

    • Answered by Peter K from Hilton Head Island
    • 07 10, 15