How can I get more storage on my iPad Air

I downloaded a few apps and my memory is full. I need more memory because the apps I need are really important for my studies.

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    All iPad storage capacity is fixed. For example, if you purchased an iPad with 64 Gb, that's the maximum memory you can ever have. iPad memory is not upgradable. iOS 9 itself uses 1.9 Gb.

    Having said that, select Settings, General, Manage Storage. This will provide a listing of what applications are installed and the associated storage usage. These are listed from most to least. Deleting unused or rarely used applications will free up memory. In addition, deleting unnecessary files such as music, books, mail, and documents will also increase available memory.

    Backing up these items to your computer before deleting them should allow you to reinstall them at a later date, providing the iPad has sufficient available storage at that time.

    • Answered by Steve M from Litchfield
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