How much storage will we need if using as a cash register/ card reader for a business?

We're opening a small business and I want to make sure we have enough storage!

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  • That's a very interesting but extremely difficult question to answer. First and foremost, (as of this writing) iPads are not upgradable.
    For example, is is not possible to upgrade a wifi only iPad to wifi+cellular cabability. There are no upgrade paths to increase memory.

    Having said that, a 16 Gb iPad will store the iOS, a few applications, and a limitied amount of mail messages, music and/or documents.

    If your business plans call for usinng the iPad to store customer records, inventory databases, sales and returns, customer / supplier e-mails, then you will need much more storage capacity.

    Conside that should your business purchase an iPad with the bare minimum for your current needs, as your business grows you might discover that you've surpassed the capacity of your current iPad.

    • Answered by Steve M from Litchfield
    • 06 20, 16