I want to have my emails from my ipad in the new computer is this possible?

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  • I just want to make sure I understand the question. You've had your iPad for a bit, and just obtained a new computer and want all those emails you received on the iPad to (also) exist on the new computer? Yes you can get the emails that are on the iPad onto the new computer. However the steps are different depending on the type of email address you have (IMAP vs POP) and on the email service you use (gmail, iCloud, yahoo, etc.). Instead of including all possible solutions if you could provide the domain where your email is hosted (everything that comes after the "@" symbol in your email address that would be helpful, you don't need to provide the full address. Again just the part after the "@" symbol.

    Please also include the type of computer you are using.

    • Answered by Chad C from Leawood
    • 11 17, 15