If I use an apple digital AV adapter to transfer what I watch from my ipad to TV will the sound also transfer through the tv

I have a 40" smart TV and I also have an i-pad 2nd generation that has some movie apps that I would like to transfer to the bigger screen on my TV. I know that I could use the apple tv system,but since I already have netflix,amazon, and etc., I wonder could I just use the apple digital AV adapter and get quality sound through the tv or would it still come through the I-pad. I really enjoy my I-pad,but being 64 years young,sometimes I need the help of the bigger screen.

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    As a multimedia interface connector, HDMI transfers both HD video and digital audio. The sound will output through your TV (or any system connected to your TV). When using this adaptor with your iPad and your TV, both video and audio will be sent to the TV. Your iPad 2 has a 30 pin connector, this adaptor is for iOS devices with a lightning port. The adaptor you need to accomplish the same thing is the "Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter."

    • Answered by Isaac G from Knoxville
    • 01 6, 16
  • No worries. The sound DOES transfer to the TV.

    • Answered by Leonardo A
    • 02 20, 16