Is 16 gb enough for an ipad mini 4?

I'm considering an ipad mini 4 but i can't decide whether should i get the 16gb or 64gb version. I usually just watch videos on Youtube, using Safari to look at news, browse through facebook, don't take a lot of photos and won't have any music at the device. How much storage do i have left with the 16gb version because the memory is gonna be smaller than what's list with the Storage Capacity. If there is still like 13+ gb left for me use, then i'm probably going to get the 16gb version of ipad mini 4. Hope these informations are enough and thanks for those who answered.

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    16gb is fine if you use the device that way. You will still have 9-10gb of free storage after you install several apps that you mentioned.

    • Answered by Clyde P from Edmonton
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