Is it possible to get external storage for my apple mimi I pad as I need more space

Apple mimi tablet

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    I was recommended by an Apple store to buy a SANDISK wi-fi external drive for this purpose earlier this year.


    Unfortunately, neither the store, nor it seems Apple Corp, was aware that the particular drive I bought was not able to cope with the latest IOS version. At that time the Sandisk unit could work with 7 but not 8.

    SANDISK through their web site, were quite honest and agreed that the disk was not suitable for the then current software. The Apple store was very helpful. They accepted the goods for return and gave me a discount on a new I-pad with larger storage.

    I commend that a prospective buyer asks for confirmation that any external disk is compatible.

    • Answered by Bruce N L
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  • No. But you can by a new iPad Mini

    Here are the options

    iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 16, 32 GB
    iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 16, 64, 128 GB
    iPad Pro 32, 128 GB

    • Answered by Michael M
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