Options for editing PDFs on iPad (other than Adobe)


I am a PhD student who reads a lot of research papers (in PDF format stored on Dropbox) and am currently looking for an application that will allow me to:

1. Edit - i.e. highlight and make annotations (I have iPad Pencil) on PDFs
2. Save edited work back to dropbox without much hassle.

I have experimented with Adobe Acrobat but I find it to be somewhat clunky of a solution and it's not very good for making handwritten notes, etc. Any ideas?


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    I've found the following apps by Readdle useful in creating and editing PDFs on the iPad: PDF Expert, PDF Converter, and Scanner Pro.
    Documents is a file management app that works in conjunction with the editing apps.


    • Answered by Gerald L from Knoxville
    • 02 18, 16