what is the Ma output of the 10w adapter/charger?

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    Power is equal to Voltage times Current. P=E times I, where Power (P) is measured in Watts, Voltage (E) in Volts and Current (I) in Amps.

    In your situation we know the Power (10 Watts), where the accepted standard USB output Voltage is 5.2 Volts.

    Using the formula P=E*I we subsitue the known values:

    P= 10 watts
    E= 5.2 Volts

    and then solve for I as follows:

    10=5.2 * I

    I= 10/5.2

    I=1.923 Amps or 1,923 mA

    where mA stands for milli-Amps or 1/1000 of an Amp

    You can use this formula (Ohm's Law) to solve these type of questions

    • Answered by Steve M from Litchfield
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