what secuirty software do I need for my new I-Pad? Have Norton for my PC. Is there somehting like this for the PAD?

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    No, you will not need any security software, as apps for iPads are regulated by apple, and are usually 100% secure. However you may have a concern for attachments, but these files are incompatible with the iPad (for example .exe files cannot start up - Windows applications, scripting viruses will not work either)
    But you may also be concerned about web browsing. Most websites that you visit should be secure, but if you have concerns, there are probably other browsers out there that may offer more protection.

    Hope i helped.

    • Answered by Adam K from Greensborough
    • 12 26, 12
  • With Apple Devices, you don't need any. Check back with Apple if there is ever a need for this.

    • Answered by Lola N from Henry
    • 12 28, 12