Can I play to songs at the same time?

When listening to audiobooks, I want to play a soft music to accompany it. I downloaded music player apps for this but when I start to play in one app the other stops. Not playing at the same time. Is there a solution for this?

2 Answers from the Community

  • No you cannot

    • Answered by Traigen D from Lamar
    • 09 14, 14
  • I believe the answer is "no." Any content that has audio will take control of the player and cancel the audio from what was playing earlier. Although you might be able to do this on a computer by launching content in different browsers or players, the iPhone will default to the play that's identified within SETTINGS at the level of the APP. I've not tested this on an iPhone.

    • Answered by Thomas C from Bloomfield
    • 09 11, 14