Can I use atlanticbroadband email on a iphone

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    You can use lots of different email types.

    If atlanticbroadband is just a simple SMTP/POP3 provider account, there should be no problem configuring your iPhone to use it. Usually on the provider's website it's easy to find instructions on how to do that.

    Special treatment is there for Hotmail, Gmail, Apple MobileMe and iCloud, and corporate accounts. On "special", enhanced type accounts, you also get Calendar, Reminders, Notes -- check account properties to decide what to download.

    If your email is simple SMTP/POP3, you may configure it to leave copy of messages on the server for POP3, and only download it in one place, e.g. your laptop. Otherwise you'll have several messages on your phone, others on your PC or Mac... not good.


    • Answered by Maxim K
    • 05 17, 12