Can one still transfer data to another device even though the data might not be on Icloud?

I have a broken Ipod touch 5 junior that isn't updated to the new I.O.S. update. I don't know if I have my data backed up onto my Icloud or not. I can't turn it on so if I need to turn on Icloud and back up my data I don't know how. I'm looking to get an Iphone 5 and I'm wondering if the broken Ipod Touch 5 junior can still transfer data that might not be on Icloud and isn't fully updated to the I.O.S. updates can still transfer data to an Iphone 5 safely and nothing will happen to my apps. I put a lot of work into one specific app (Minecraft) and so I really don't want to loose my work if possible.

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    iCloud Backup is enabled by default. You can check its status by going to and opening Settings app. Select your device and look at the "latest backup" date. When setting up new iPhone, tap on the option to "Restore from iCloud".

    It is also possible that you connected your iPhone to iTunes and it created automatic backup. Open your iTunes settings on your Mac or PC and look for backups there. You can connect your new iPhone to iTunes and restore your backup.

    I googled Minecraft and it seams that it saves its data to the backup as most of of other apps.

    Good luck.

    • Answered by Boris Y
    • 08 19, 16
  • first turn off ipod touch then hold the home button aka siri and the buton to turn it off and press for abot 10 sewconds and you will see a light meaning syncwith pc then usingt itunes transfer data

    • Answered by Mayowa D
    • 08 8, 16