Can you set a reminder when reaching a destination?

Can you ask Siri to give you a reminder when you get to a specific destination? Or ask Siri to remind you to do something when you get to "work"?

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  • Yes you can set a reminder to go off when you get to a location. When typing a reminder to the right you'll see an i in a circle. Tap that i. Then about halfway down enable remind me at location. Then a location portion will appear. Tap that then type in the location you want to be reminded at.

    This also can work through Siri. If in your own contact in the contacts app you enter a home address and work address or maybe school address. You can tell Siri remind me when I get to work or home and Siri can pull up that address to remind you at. It also works for Siri to remind you of something when you get in the car as Siri can detect car speed and motion and remind you when you start moving.

    • Answered by Dylan R from Monmouth
    • 10 7, 16