Can you turn the passcode off the iPhone 6 s and just use the fingerprints??

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    No. The passcode is the "real" lock on the iPhone. The fingerprint sensor/Touch ID is just a convenience measure to temporarily suspend the annoyance of having to enter the passcode.

    In order to prevent the fingerprint sensor from becoming a potential security exploit, the system depends on the passcode. You have to enter the passcode at every battery disconnect/reconnect, and after 48 hours of not entering the passcode. If anything happens to your fingerprint sensor--which is an external facing part---the phone is still protected by the passcode. If the fingerprint sensor is compromised, damaged, or lost, the phone will disable touch ID and your phone is still secured by the passcode and will work just fine.

    FYI--none of this is relevant to error 53. THAT problem will only rear its ugly head at update or restore if your original fingerprint sensor can not be detected, despite the fact that you may have been using the phone for months without Touch ID, or even if you never set it up.

    • Answered by Jessa B from Mendon
    • 02 18, 16