Does "SiriSuggestions" calculate 'most frequented' or 'most recent' for contacts & how long does it calculate the time 2 decide who is most important?

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    Siri Suggestions uses an advanced algorithm constantly over the time you use your iPhone to choose which specific contacts to list in Siri Suggestions. Siri takes into play the time, meaning time of the week and specific time in the day which you most commonly are in contact with specific people as well as how frequent your are in contact with that person. So if you constantly contact a specific person every day they should be listed there. If you call or text somebody each week on a specific day, at that time that contact will be listed in Siri Suggestions as one of the top 4 people based on how much you contact them compared to others on the Siri Contact Suggestions.

    • Answered by Dylan R from Monmouth
    • 03 3, 16