Does Unlocked mean I can use it with any GSM carrier in the world?

In the next few years I'm planning on spending time in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and a few countries in Asia. I'm willing to spend the cost of a factory unlocked, legitimate iphone from the Apple store, but I want to make sure it'll work with carriers in all these countries, by just purchasing the SIM card and inserting it. Is this the case with Unlocked phones from the Apple store?

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    you can buy an unlocked iphone from the apple store to use it in many countries around the world.

    • Answered by Venkatesh T
    • 05 19, 12
  • Dear Nicole,
    If you have an unlocked iphone from apple store, you can use it with any micro-sim card for any service provider worldwide.

    • Answered by Maikel G from Springfield Gardens
    • 09 24, 12