Hi. Soon I will be buying a new phone. And I am planning to buy an iPhone. I was just hoping for suggestions if I should buy the iPhone 6s?

or I should wait for the new model of iphone this year?

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    I like all of the iPhone sixes! I have an iPhone 6plus, and I like having a big screen! I know there is an iPhone 7 coming soon, but who knows when that will be! Just go with the flow and pick out one of the sixes! I'm sure you'll be happy with one of them!!

    • Answered by Chris M from Miles City
    • 01 21, 16
  • If you are always waiting on the new model to come out, you'll never end up buying one. They come out with a new model so often, it is impossible to keep up and have the latest and the greatest option. I say, just go for it now.

    • Answered by Samantha K from Winchester
    • 01 20, 16
  • What you should do is wait till your current phone brakes down (mine lasted for 6 years) then you get the latest version and wait for a few years for it to stop working if you want to save more money

    • Answered by Lana H from New City
    • 01 21, 16
  • I have an iPhone 6s Plus and its great

    • Answered by Cjay P from Coraki
    • 01 21, 16