How do I prove to my mom that iPhones are worth it?

I really want a iPhone but my mom won't let me get one until she knows what impact it will have on my life and if it is a need or want. Just FYI I'm a 14 year old girl about to turn 15 going into high school if that helps any more.

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  • I think iPhones are worth it because they're so awesome I really want one myself but I might get on Christmas so you know but still I really want one and I understand what you're going through. I don't know how to convince your mother because I can't convince mine so sorry. Maybe if you tell her that has a GPS on it, I guess cause my friend has one, you can tell her if you ever get lost and she can just find you with the iPhone because obviously you have to take it's everywhere you go, that's a good part of it.

    • Answered by Aaron C from Tucson
    • 12 17, 13