How do I send an iMessage? Do I need apple id or can I use their iPhone number?

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    To send or at least use iMessage, you of course have to use an iPhone,iPad, or an iPod Touch to send the message. If they have an iPhone you use their phone number, but if they have an iPad,iPod Touch or any device with out a phone number, you have to use the email they set iMessage up with.
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    • Answered by Carolyn H from Glassport
    • 01 24, 13
  • You may send an iMessage from either your phone number or your AppleID on an iPhone. If you are using an iPad, iPod Touch, or a Mac you will be using your AppleID. Your AppleID and iPhone's phone number will both receive iMessages (be sure to have your AppleID set up in your iPhone's settings to ensure you get the same messages on your iPad, iPod, and Mac).

    To receive an iMessage your recipient must be using an iPhone (with just a number or with an AppleID) with iMessage on it OR they should be using an iPod, iPad, or Mac with their AppleID.

    • Answered by Sassy S from Kansas City
    • 05 14, 13
  • yes you need apple id to send imessage

    • Answered by Rina M from Leesburg
    • 02 11, 13
  • Either

    • Answered by Rosemary M from Rialto
    • 05 31, 14
  • apple id

    • Answered by Yaser A
    • 04 23, 14
  • Either

    • Answered by Nathan G
    • 01 15, 13