How do you print text messages from an iPhone

I have an iPhone 6+ and wondered if there is an easy way to print text messages.

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    Screenshot, go to your picture and press the box with the arrow coming out of it and PRINT will be in the second row. Or if you live in the US you could go to Walgreens or CVS and print it out there.

    • Answered by David A from Houston
    • 07 1, 16
  • You can try to save text messages to screenshots, and then print them by using AirPrint printer. Or send the text to your email account and print them from email. But if you want to print a large number of iPhone text messages, these two methods are not suitable.

    • Answered by Miya L
    • 05 23, 17
  • You could try screen shot of the message/s then printing from the photo.

    • Answered by Warrick W from Dubbo
    • 07 13, 16
  • Copy the Text message and paste in an email and send to yourself - save or print off - Peter Brisbane Australia 24.10.17

    • Answered by Pontius A from Transylvania
    • 10 24, 17
  • The very easiest way is to pull up Sari and tell her you want to send text. She ask's you what you want to say,... you tell her, then say send. She will then ask you to who and you tell her and off it goes. What could be more simple?

    2nd option
    Or hit message button, hit the little square with the pencil in it, then write in to who you want to sent text. Click on subject, enter subject, then start writing in the message box. When finished just hit the arrow (blue) and off it goes.

    • Answered by Joan H from League City
    • 10 7, 16