how much space really comes on a iphone 4 8gb

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    6.3 GB (iOS takes up a lot of space)

    • Answered by Kevin W from Newcastle
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  • Capacity space is 6.4gb

    • Answered by Saboor K from Germantown
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  • Well, it depends on the filesystem that is on the storage device. The iPhone 4 has a filesystem of IHFS. Which is a Mac OS (Journaled) filesystem. There are 2 partitions on an iPhone (Sections). One is for the iPhone's software and firmware. Which usually takes about 750 MB - 1024MB depending on which iPhone, and what update of iOS is installed. So after all, the iPhone 4 8GB will show about 6 1/2 GB of storage available.

    • Answered by Chad C from Fort Wayne
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