I bought a Galaxy S3 because I can "swipe" from letter to letter to text. Can I do that on the iPhone 6? Or is there a program that will do that?

I can set my finger on "p" then swipe to "h" then to "o", etc and the word phone is on the screen. I don't have to "tap" each letter. I love that. Can I do that with the iPhone 6? I am in the market for a new phone and am doing some research.
ALSO, the Galaxy S3 allowed me to increase the font size on the screen, does the iPhone 6 also allow that?

Thank you

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  • The default keyboard on the iPhone does not support that feature. However there are two keyboard apps that can: Swype and , my personal favorite, SwiftKey.

    The iPhone contains different ways to increase font size and zoom. Under Settings > Display, you can set everything to be zoomed in. Under Settings> General > Accessibility, you can use a slider to choose between 7 different font sizes and also bold the text if needed as well.

    • Answered by Eric T from Indianapolis
    • 12 11, 15