i do not want to lose my photos so i was wondering will my photos from my 5c go on to my 6s when i put in my 5c sim card

i currently have the 5c and getting a 6s in a month but i dont want to lose all my photos so would my 5c sim card transfer my photos to my 6s when i put the sim card in

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    According to the guy who has answered u
    Sim dousent have that space to save photoes u only can save ur numbers and this is again limited so.
    As u know one way is to sync ur photos with icloud
    The other is to syn (upload) ur photos with (to) google drive
    But this all two can cost u money if ur photos are a lot
    So i suggest u to use some applications like Zapya and Shareit the are free and even fast u can use them to transfer ur photos and also movie and...
    The latest way is to use itunes to transfer ur data that u want it to be transferred.
    Long But useful hope u solve ur problem

    • Answered by Hessam B
    • 04 25, 16
  • The SIM card does not store photos. If you are signed into iCloud, check that your photos are being synced in iCloud. Settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library (Turned ON). If this option is on, you should be able to access your photos from all devices that are signed into your iCloud account.

    • Answered by J D
    • 04 4, 16