I phone use on straight talk

I want to buy an unlocked i phone from Apple and use it on Straight Talk. Can this be done?
I know I need to buy the sim card from Straight Talk. What else will if any will I have to buy?
Will I have all the option the i phone has ie data, text, talk, WiFi with my computer? Or to put it another way will there be anything the i phone not be able to do since I am on Straight Talk and it AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and ect networks?

Guy from Apple Store said if we buy from them directly I can purchase extended insurance contract from Apple and it will follow the phone. Is this true? He also said there would not be any problems with doing the Straight Talk network and phone purchased from Apple.

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    I'm doing the same thing. I currently have Straight Talk with a 3GS. By using Straight Talk you will lose Visual Voicemail and MMS (picture messages) to anyone without an iPhone. Also, although iPhone 5 supports LTE (4G), I don't believe Straight Talk offers this currently. 3G speeds will be the fastest you receive because AT&T limits what Straight Talk offers for data speed.

    iPhone 4S unlocked model (to avoid AT&T contract) should work fine with the Micro SIM directly from Straight Talk. iPhone 5 unlocked is not available for purchase yet and currently you will have to cut the SIM since nano size SIM is not offered by Straight Talk. Google for this.

    Personally, the speed of the phone itself (apps opening, etc.) is such a major difference on iPhone 5, I am waiting for unlocked iPhone 5. According to Apple it will be out in a "few weeks".

    • Answered by Aaron K from Marietta
    • 10 25, 12
  • I talked to a sales person at Wal- Mart and was told that the (Iphone must be a 4,4S,or 5.)
    And the iOS must be iOS 6, In order for a straight talk pre paid phone card to work, on an IPhone. And of course the phone must be unlocked. And you would have to buy a straight talk SIM card. I'm also looking to buy a Iphone 4s 16gb unlocked. and I'm going to use straight talk and keep my phone number I already have with straight talk.
    I hope this helps you in some way.

    • Answered by Helen M
    • 02 12, 13
  • For what it's worth....

    Had an iphone 4 with straight talk working fine. Bought an iphone 5 unlocked from Apple and will not work with straight talk!

    Just spent an hour on the phone with customer service, and they gave up on me, said it was a phone issue and to call Apple!

    I have no clue if there jerking me or not, but my phone is a brick right now.

    • Answered by Richard G from Chippewa Falls
    • 03 23, 13
  • I want to buy straight talk I phone5s

    • Answered by Aung S from Twenty-nine Plm
    • 09 21, 13