I want a cool new phone with storage and almost everything the 6s has but I don't want a large phone, Should I get the Iphone SE???

I have two phones at the moment; the Iphone 5 and Iphone 5c. I really need a new phone. Ive been thinking about getting the Iphone SE because it has a lot of the same stuff the other new phones have only its not the size of a brick like the rest. I know theres a few differences but im not trying to use my phone has a computer, im just a 20 year old female who wants more storage and better photo quality (:

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  • The iPhone SE seems to be a good option for you, but coming from a 6s owner it's not that bad, it may seem big at first but after an hour it seems normal

    If you still don't want to go that route then yes, I recommend the SE

    • Answered by Joseph V from Georgetown
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