iPhone 6 photos over exposed?

When I take a photo of a very white area it can look totally white and there is no contrast. When I take a picture at night the lights in the background are very bright, so much that they ruin the photo. This has been a problem for a long time, but not my phone is out of warranty.

Is there any way to fix this?


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  • If you still need an answer, the iPhone 6 Plus has extensive photo filtering options which includes editing the exposure.
    First, don't worry about losing the original. You can cancel or save and then revert at any time. Go to Photos and select a picture. The pic will pop up with a white background and 4 icons beneath: Forward (or send), favorite (♥️), edit, trash. Select edit icon (4 horizontal lines) and here the pic will pop up with a black background and 4 new icons beneath: cropping and rotating, preset stock filters, light/color (looks like a timer) and markup (don't go there, trust me) a circle with three dots inside. Go to the 2nd icon (3 transparent circle forming a triangle. Scroll the stock filters and see if any of those work. If not, go to 3rd icon for direct manipulation of light & color. It'll pull up a row at the bottom for preset light options. There will also be annivon above the row on the right (3 lines=edit), and you want to go there. it may jump ahead and give a dropdown which is where you want to be either way: light, color, or black & white. You want light. This will expand the selection and you'll see an option titled exposure. Choose it & move bar at the bottom for preview of how the pic will look as filtered by you. You can then make all kinds of adjustments. Have fun with it!

    • Answered by Jessica K from Santa Rosa
    • 06 12, 17