iPhone 7 includes RAW photo option?

During the presentation, I thought I heard something about an option for a RAW file option (instead of JPG), but it may have been wishful thinking. I also thought I heard what the focal length of the two cameras lenses on the plus model were, but I can only see it referred to as 1X and 2X.


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    They did say that in the presentation. I looked for an option for raw photos but didn't find any myself. However a third-party camera app I use does have ths capability. I'm sure some other camera apps do as well. The one I like is ProCam 4. I have no affiliation with this app I just like it. Maybe native raw photos will be added later this year when they release the Boca feature in a software update.

    • Answered by Michael S from Port Orange
    • 09 23, 16