Is black matte iPhone 7 having an issues with color chipping and discoloration?

I am about to buy iPhone 7 now, and still thinking between Silver and Black matte one. I like black matte the most, but I have read couple of reviews that color finish is not so quality and color is coming off, like chipping and discoloration. So now I am considering the Silver one, because it will be such a shame to give 800€(850$), as it costs that much in my country,for new iPhone, and to have issues with color for that money. And I am not planning to buy new one in nect teo years for sure, and some people having issues with color after 2 months of use. So I think that Silver is the safest option, but I am about to listen your comments...

  • Asked by fn from Astoria

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  • The colour chipping and coming off is just as likely to happen with a silver iPhone as a matte black one. Chips are simply more noticeable in the matte black phone than the silver as the chips are white in both models

    • Answered by Joshua G
    • 06 13, 17