Is iPhone 6s waterproof?

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    The IPHONE 6S and the 6S Plus do have additional waterproofing installed. Do a search online and you'll find tear downs of the 6S. I would say that it's water resistant at best.

    • Answered by Albert V from Nashua
    • 02 24, 16
  • its not. my phone started to behave funny all of sudden. mail app opened up and message started to type out by itself. I freaked out and tried shutting down the phone but could not because the phone would not recognize my touch. Had to force shut down with power and home button. Took it in to apple store and they opened it to find water inside.

    The phone was never submerged or has never been dropped in water. I could not figure how water could have got inside. The only possible scenario I can think of is that it was near a sink and some water fell on it.this is my best guess as I have never take it near water.

    Its not under Apple care so I landed up paying for the replacement. but they charged only $300 for it instead of the full price. This was nice but I have to believe the 6S has very poor seals or at least mine did.

    • Answered by Zarna R from Blaine
    • 11 19, 15