Is the Charger (or USB cord, rather) for iPhone 6 Plus any different from 5? (Spec. iPhone 5c)

I went to a neighbors house, who has the iPhone 6 Plus and needed to connect my iPhone 5c to her computer. Since I didn't have mine on me at the time, we used her USB cord. But upon further instruction from tech support, they advised I use the cord that came with my phone, in an attempt to eliminate that as a cause of error in the situation I was dealing with. she has messaged me saying that she has the wrong cord indicating that accidentally, she was left with my cord -if indeed they were accidentally swapped after I ran home and grabbed mine- I believe, by the message and words she used, she is saying that my cord (intended and packaged with my iPhone 5c) isn't allowing her phone to charge. I know that physically, they are identical in form, and are both at least compatible with one another.. But I'm curious as to whether or not there is any mechanical differences..? Any comments?

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