should I get a 64gb iphone if I already have icloud

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    It depends on what you are planning to use your iPhones space for. iCloud only keeps your music, photos and documents for supported Apps. Videos and Apps themselves however still need to be downloaded and stored on your iPhone.

    Also, data which is only stored in iCloud needs to be downloaded before it can be used. If there is no Wifi available, it may take some time before the data is ready (and also use traffic if you don't have an unlimited mobile data plan).

    So, if you consider to have lots of Apps simultaneously installed on your iPhone, or to use your iPhone primarily to create/view photos and movies, or if you plan to use your iPhone abroad, you should choose a 64GB model. If you are unsure or don't want to use your iPhone for these reasons, a 32GB model might be a good compromise.

    • Answered by Nico R
    • 09 18, 12
  • You should probably go into Settings > General > Usage on your current phone and see how much you're currently using. Unless you are planning to radically change the way you use iPhone, then your current memory requirements should work for you.

    If you're not upgrading, iPhone apps tend to be smaller than iPad apps; I have 32 GB on both, and I have 11 GB left on my iPhone, but hardly any left on my iPad. I have about 6 GB of music.

    iCloud won't help out a lot for the things that you are actually using day to day although it is great for backup... In my experience it doesn't really affect the amount that I keep off the phone. YMMV of course...

    • Answered by Arie M from Brighton
    • 09 25, 12
  • Depends on what your going to be putting on your phone. As an example I watch a few films on my phone to pass the time when travelling. You couldn't do this with just iCloud. You need to have the Movies physically on your device. If your using to check E-mails and update documents with a few albums then a smaller capacity may be better for you.

    • Answered by Gary H
    • 09 20, 12
  • Yes

    • Answered by Phil S
    • 02 23, 14