Should I get new iPhone 5s in 2016? Tell me the problems first.

tell me the problems first.

If I get a brand new iPhone 5s in 2016, then will it have any performance issue?

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    Getting a new iPhone 5S now is an affordable choice and is sold from most resellers however iPhone 5S is no more sold through iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6S and 6S plus are other better options as they are more advanced internally, faster, and have a bigger screen with a distinct appearance. You may consider using the new iPhone SE which is basically the replica of the iPhone 5S EXTERNALLY but is very simiar to the iPhone 6S internally, except for the force touch feature which is unavailable in the iPhone SE.

    The rest is up to you as it is your choice.
    Thank You.

    • Answered by Iman F from Abu Dhabi
    • 07 1, 16
  • Yes, problem in performance is moderate, and the battery drains fast if you keep using it more than 6 months on daily basis, I recommend you to buy new iPhone 6s. I've been using this 5s since 2014 and it's good but it began to slow down and battery needs to replace also.
    Your welcome

    • Answered by Sarah A from Los Angeles
    • 08 16, 16
  • I'm using an iPhone 5s on iOS 10 Public Beta 2 and there is a little bit of lag, but it's nothing conpared to my iPhone 5. If you have a set budget, go for it. If not then I would recommend the 6s.

    • Answered by Curtis C
    • 08 6, 16