what is the best navigation app for iPhone 4s

I use to have a free navigation app with voice response.

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    After iOS 6 is released this Autumn, the built in Maps app will be the best option for navigation. Simply ask Siri for directions and it gives you onscreen directions and guides you by voice.

    • Answered by Patrick W from Harvest
    • 08 20, 12
  • I use Garmin USA on an iPhone4s on Verizon, and I love it. It is pricey but worth it ($50 for all of North America, no monthly charges and updates have been free so far) because it downloads all the maps and has them locally on the phone. This means it can provide good real time response as you are driving and passing through lousy coverage areas because only the GPS signal needs to get through. It has lots of other nice trip features and find features as well. You can get directions to a huge built in list of places and the categories are logical, plus you can search for a place in google maps, save it as a contact and then use the garmin to get directions to a contact you have. The turn by turn works great and shows you all lanes of travel with the correct lane or lanes that will be allowed to turn the way you want highlighted. This feature alone has saved me from missing a turn or off ramp numerous times in heavy traffic. You can also get estimated arrival time or miles to go, and it will even read out your speed, compare it to the current speed limit and indicate if you are speeding without being annoying about it. It is a heavy battery user, so I usually have it connected to a charger when I use it, but the phone will still charge up while I am using it, so that's ok.

    • Answered by Charles C from Fox Island
    • 09 15, 12
  • with the new iOS the new maps have Siri and all that... but it does not work in most countries (i know for sure that U.S. works tho.)

    • Answered by Staale H from Katy
    • 09 23, 12
  • I have used Motion X GPS drive for a while now and it had not failed me yet. Exept for one time in LA it sent me to a location saying there was a Wal Mart Super center there but there wasnt. (I now know there are no Walmarts in LA)

    • Answered by Jason K from Pearl City
    • 06 24, 12
  • I like this app called Location Fix for Google Latitude, its basically an updater to latitude that makes Google Maps finally useful and accurate.. by updating location in real time. Plus has this cool feature - image-based compass, which is super-useful to figure out the direction you are going without needing to figure out numbers, arrows etc..

    • Answered by Maildover L from Newark
    • 05 20, 13