what PRINTER works with a iphone4s

I have a iphone4s, 16g. I need to print photo's, & emails, & other documents. I have a Canon MP830 Printer, scanner, Fax Machine. Is that printer capable w/my iphone4s to print? I tried connecting just the iphone4s cable that came with cell phone, plug one end into the end of iPhone and plug the other USB end into the Canon USB port, but the printer says it does not recognize the device when I plug the cord into the printer. Do I need to install a app into my iphone4s to be able to print. Do I need to use a different kind of connector cable that plugs in at the end of my iphone4s to the Canon MP830 Printer USB port? What do I put the printer settings on to make sure my iphone4s cell can print. Do I have to buy a completely different printer just to print from my iphone4s? Or is a device I can purchase to hook my iphone up to with a cable connector to my MP830 Printer to be able to print.
This is very frustrating, I have had this cell phone over a year and haven't been able to print from it. I heard I would have to purchase a Air Printer to be able to print anything off of my iphone4s. If that is a true statement, please let me know. If that is the only way to print from my iphone, I will not keep this service or iphone4s any longer.
I also, have a Canon PIXMA iP2700 (2702) Series Printer, please let me know if I can possibly download photo's from my iphone4s Cell Phone to that printer to USB and what type of USB Cable may or may not work.

Thank you for your time and understanding concern!

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  • Kodak printer works if you have the application for the Kodak wireless printer

    • Answered by Lewis P
    • 08 29, 13