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I have an iPhone 5s that can hold 12GB of storage. However, my phone keeps on telling me that I have 'no free space', which makes sense seeing as my phone also tells me in the settings app that I have used up 11.9GB out of my 12GB. But when adding up all of the data from all of my apps (including music and photos ect) it only came to just over 3GB. I understand that the IOS system itself would take up some storage but I doubt it would take 8GB worth (bit of a ripoff on Apples part if so), so what could be taking up all of this space?

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  • You have the operating system which takes up a lot of space. You are on a 5 year old phone. I understand that not all people have the ability to upgrade, but the issue has been solved in all new models. It used to be a selling point of the Samsung that you could upgrade your internal storage, but nothing compared to Apple's security and software efficiency. Nowadays, even on the 64GB model (which is the base model), almost no one except for power users (i.e. people who purposely use up a lot of space -- downloading music, saving all their photos on the device, filming videos, etc), will have trouble keeping all of their apps on. The operating system has also increased in size over the years, which is why older devices support it, but will have trouble for those who use their phones beyond the base storage. Look into iCloud storage and see if you would be able to use the $1 per month storage plan (I have the same) which saves all your documents, and photos, to the cloud. This could save up free space. If you really want to clean up your phone, try to reset your phone, and reinstall all of your apps that you need. make sure you backup your photos prior. You shouldn't be downloading music in 2018 -- unless you have crazy storage, you should be streaming -- I only use up 5-6 gigs per month MAX, and that's when I'm not on WIFI on campus, or at work, or home. You really only need cellular for the car. Consider upgrading.

    • Answered by Vincent D from Port Washington
    • 12 13, 18