What would be the correct accessory for using a usb midi interface with an iPhone 5c?

I've got a Yamaha P-35 digital piano. And i'd like to use it with some apps like Apple's Garageband, IK Multimedia's iGrandPiano and IK Multimedia's Sample Tank in my iPhone 5c. I have this midi to usb interface that I use with an iMac and it works really well. I have to connect this cable to my iPhone. Yesterday I went to a computing store and bought an usb to lightning adapter, but when I connect it to the iPhone it says that the cable or accessory connected isn't certified, so it may not work well with this iPhone; I don't know if it refers to the midi interface or to the adapter (i think it refers to the adapter).
i need to know of a usb to lighting adapter certified by apple (better if it's on the Apple Online Store) that could let me use correctly the midi interface with the iPhone. If possible, it shouldn't cover the audio output of the iPhone as I have to use it with some speakers while I use the interface (or maybe if the adapter I need covers the iPhone audio output could include an extra audio output).


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