When I take photos with my iPhone 6s I use the earbuds and release the shutter with the volume control button. Will I be able to do this with iPhone 7

3 Answers from the Community

  • Yes, the functionality has not changed.

    • Answered by Shane L from Medina
    • 09 14, 16
  • You certainly can. It is brilliant.... as you can take a selfie without it looking like a selfie.

    • Answered by Lorraine O from Wahroonga
    • 09 29, 16
  • Hi Don, this features has been inside iOS for years. Although i can't verify this since iPhone 7 is not yet available in store. I am pretty much 100% confirmed this feature is still available in iPhone 7. Don't forget that you can also press the volume key in your iPhone to take the picture too, not just the volume key from the earbud of Made for iPhone compatible earphone.

    • Answered by Willy N from Jakarta
    • 09 10, 16