Which company would be best to get the iPhone 5?  I just want the iPhone with unlimited 4G LTE and unlimited texts messaging.

I don't really mind the minutes I barely talk on the phone. All I want is unlimited data and messaging.
Would sprint be cheaper but yet the best to get the phone with?

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    Sprint is the only service I know of with truly unlimited data, text messaging and sprint mobile to mobile use. I just bought the 450 anytime minute for $ 80.00. The only slight draw back is sprints network does not have as much 4G LTE available. You will be using 3G in many places that aren't large urban places. More will come on line in the next year. This is my first smart phone. The 3G is really fast as far as I am concerned. Have no idea what the 4G LTE would be like.

    • Answered by Susan S from Cheshire
    • 01 6, 13
  • Sprint and T-mobile are now the cellular services to offer unlimited everything at reasonable prices. T-mobile has pretty good coverage too with their LTE network building out pretty fast and their baseline 4G H+ network is pretty fast too.

    • Answered by Alex D from Jackson
    • 07 29, 13