WiFi connectivity problem in iPhone 6

i am having iPhone 6. and when i update operation system IO 9.3.1. from that time i am having connectivity issue with wifi.
i dont know what is this. while connecting home router which is near 1 meter from my phone is connected and after few time ( not exact time which can define her ) got disconnected and even connection is not showing in list even. it is not with my whom router or connection i went to my mutiple friends home and tried their still same problem.
i can not watch you tube because its got stuck due to connectivity
i tried each step available on net to fix this issue but fail.

lastly i feel there is firmware issue with router but if that why other is working properly like my laptop and android other devices. current firmware version which is using at home is 2.0.01. using Cisco linksys router. if its got older should we change router just because of apple device!!?? is this a solution.?

following methods which i did by my self and my friend tried their trick too but all fail.

1- i tried reset all net work devices verious time but no result come out
2- some budy advised hold home + screen off on button for some time untill apple logo will not come and taking few time to come back on home page
3- i went general-->privacy --> location service system service off the diagnostics & usage and routing & traffic

requesting you to please help me to sort it out this issue

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