Will an iPhone SE sim-free work in Europe/UK and Brazil?

Hi all,

In two days from now I will be in NYC, and I am planning to buy a iPhone SE.
I called two stores in NYC, I called Apple support and I checked the coverage of Apple model at apple.com, and the answers just don't go along with each other.

If I buy a sim-free iPhone at apple.com and pick it up at a store, which model will it be? A1662 or A1723?

If I buy the A1662, will it work fine in UK or the rest of Europe or (and specially in), Brazil? Or should I buy, instead the A1723? What if they do not have the a1723? will the a1662 work fine in Brazil or Europe?

Apple stores said it would work just fine, apple support said the same, and in the apple.com coverage por a1662 model (apple.com / iphone/ LTE ), it really does not seem that a A1662 will be fit for voice calls and messages in Europe or Brazil, since it only display America in the list of the countries.

So, who to trust? Where can I buy a completely unlocked iPhone?

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    Both are going to work specially in Brazil, but if you want to use 4G LTE you`ll need the A1723 model. In Brazil, is based on CDMA technology like Sprint provider.

    You can check all IPhone models, bands, country and providers on apple webpage about LTE coverage

    • Answered by Deivid F from Braganca Paulista
    • 09 5, 16