are all internet services available in ipod touch? e.g. whats up,twitter,facebook

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  • IPodTouch 5th generation runs on iOS6 so it's not exactly a full-computer experience. With that big caveat, the answer is basically yes (or almost entirely yes). It comes preloaded with Safari (for iOS) so you can surf the Web. In addition, there are "apps" that you can download from the App Store that work better than the www-URL for many sites. The apps for Twitter and Facebook are available from the App store for FREE and downloading is simple. I've never heard of "whatsup" but I found several apps for things, one called WhatsUp and others with similar-sounding but different names, that might be what you'd be looking for. The WhatsUp app by Mukto Softward is also free. There are also loads of other free apps -- I use Skype , GoogleMaps (it comes with the Apple Maps app pre-loaded), YouTube, OpenTable and a couple of newspapers, all of which are free apps.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • 02 26, 13