Can apple take the memory chip out of my ipod touch 4th generation and put it into a new one?

The port to charge my ipod, the golden leaf I'm told it's called. The place where I plug a charger into it, it has been bent and some of its pieces have fallen off. I can no longer charge it and the battery has died. I have a lot of stuff on my ipod touch that I don't want to lose. So I'm wondering if Apple can take the memory chip out of it and put it into a new one.( Whether it be a brand new 4th gen or a new gen) I would like to know if it is possible, where I can take it or send it, and how much it would cost, should it be possible. Also,my ipod touch has a metal back, its memory( storage capacity) is 13 gb. And as I said it is 4th gen.

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