Can I hook a iPod to my ipad

Or have music from my iPad go to the iPod?

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    Pretty much everything is cloud enabled now.

    If you purchased music on one, look for the Purchased section in the iTunes app on the other and download what you want.

    Hope that helps.

    • Answered by Christian C from Sherwood
    • 10 23, 12
  • yes you can


    long in to your itunes account on your ipod

    • Answered by Muhammad G
    • 10 23, 12
  • No, not directly. But you can sync things like email,documents,contacts and calendars across the devices by using iCloud. You can sync both your ipad and ipod with the same itunes library on your computer but you cannot connect your ipod touch to you ipad to copy say music from the ipad to the ipod,doesnt work like that

    • Answered by Patrick M from Cork City
    • 10 23, 12
  • i dont see how its even possible which my figure leads me to think its not at all possable i think it might be someday maybe

    • Answered by Cameron F from Little Rock
    • 10 23, 12