can I sync multiple ipods to a single computer? (one ipod that stays upstairs, one that stays in the car, etc. and both use the same playlists)

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    Yes of course. Buy all the ipods, ipads or iphones you want. Then in itunes, go to file>new playlist, to make a new playlist.

    Then when you plug each device in, click on them under the devices area on the left, and on the next screen along the top should be summary, info, apps, music etc., go onto music, and check the 'select playlists, artists, albums and genres' option, and scroll down to playlists, then check the playlists you want and press sync in the bottom right hand corner.

    Do this for every ipod you want, you can have as many playlists as you want, and sync the ipods differently or the same.

    • Answered by Samuel B
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  • Yes...

    I use a macBook Pro, and my library is so large I keep it on an 2 TB External Hard Drive.

    To This Library I have Synced:

    iPodNano 8gb 4th Gen
    iPodNano 16gb 5th Gen
    iPodNano 16gb 6th Gen
    iPod Classic 160 gb
    iPod Touch
    iPad2 Home
    iPad2 Work

    As I use different iPods depending on what I'm doing, Car, AudioBooks, Beach, Swimming this is really great

    • Answered by John G from Miami
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