Can I upload mp3 songs that do not come from itunes? (such as from all the cd's that I own?)

I have hundreds of cds and want to upload them all to an mp3 player. I am considering getting an ipod touch but want to know if I can upload these cds to this device first.

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  • First of all when putting something on a device or not putting it up into the internet or the cloud, it's called downloading.

    If it has to do with a physical storage hard drive you are downloading. If you are putting it onto the internet, it's called uploading.

    But that aside, just import the CD's into iTunes and then sync them onto the touch. iTunes is the Gateway to putting content on a device.

    All downloading and exporting to the device has to be done through iTunes, but, you DON'T need to purchase the music ON the STORE.

    If you have a disk drive in your computer import the CD and then drag the songs onto the device.

    • Answered by Jonah H from Portland
    • 01 11, 16