Can you call on the iPod touch 6th gen?

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    Actually, YES YOU CAN.

    There are two ways to do it.

    1. If you also have an iPhone, AND if your Pod and Phone are on the same WiFi network, and if they're all on the same Apple ID, then you can answer calls made to your phone on your Pod. This is also true for iPads. It's sort of weird to answer a phone call on the iPodTouch, but that's modern technology for you!

    2. But if you want to call someone from the iPodTouch and you don't have an iPhone nearby, and the person you want to call is not an iOS user, then FaceTime won't work -- but you can download Skype for free, then buy some Skype "credit" online, and then make audio calls using Skype (via WiFi, of course) to anyone's telephone, both landlines and cell phones. The calls are pretty cheap, especially if you're calling a landline (calls to cell phones cost more), but the voice quality is merely "OK, satisfactory." FaceTime is much much better, both for audio and video chatting, but unfortunately it only works between iOS and/or MacOS devices. And the Skype, as I wrote, is "okay" for this purpose if you can't use FaceTime.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • 02 25, 16
  • No but you can download apps such as text me and you can call and text any other device.

    • Answered by Abou D
    • 04 17, 16
  • No you can't call because you don't have a plan since it isn't a phone. However, you can use FaceTime audio to "call" someone if they have face time.

    • Answered by Ashlyn O from Bend
    • 01 29, 16
  • No, but I think the best app to get to call people is TextNow.

    • Answered by Chelsea T from New Orleans
    • 02 7, 16
  • No, but you can facetime audio. If you could call, you would need to have a cellular carrier.

    • Answered by Emilia W from Mountain View
    • 02 20, 16
  • Stock, you cannot. You might be able to download an app. I use google hangouts integrated with google voice and it makes calls and texts fine over wifi (since these do not have data capability). It only has a speakerphone, not a small speaker for your ear. So if your call out (from google hangouts or facetime, ect) it will only present it through the loud speakerphone for the whole room to hear, headphones through a 3.5mm jack, or Bluetooth device.

    • Answered by Xavier L from Albuquerque
    • 02 1, 16
  • Yes

    • Answered by Bryce M from Stratham
    • 06 30, 17