Can you load more than one I pod from the same computer?

I have an ipod on which I have a lot of music collected. I do not want to lose that music. last time I updated my iTunes program it erased all the music I had on the ipod. So after I went to the trouble of collecting all of it onto the ipod again, I have not updated again for a very long time - like a year or two! Now I have a granddaughter who wants me to put some music on an ipod shuffle for her. Before I can do that, I need to update iTunes. In reading the license for the update, I see that it says I can only use one ipod on my computer. How hard and fast is that rule? If I download the update and put music on her ipod shuffle, does that mean I can never use my ipod on this computer again? And How can I know if I update iTunes that it will not delete all my iTunes recordings from my computer like it did before?

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