Does a iPod touch 5th generation case fit a iPod touch 6th generation

I just got a new iPod touch and I need a case for it.Oh, and I have the 6th generation.I've been looking up "Toy R Us" and I saw some cases but they were for a iPod touch 5th generation.So I wanted to see if it could fit my IPod touch

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    Yes, the new iPod is almost the same, the only changes were the weight and specs, so iPod Touch 5 and 6 fit the same cases.

    • Answered by Kenneth B from Saint Paul
    • 08 12, 15
  • Yes, an ipod 5th generation case will fit the ipod 6th generation device. However, the 5th generation case will have the cutout at the bottom lower left for the loophole that is on the the ipod 5th generation which is not on the ipod 6th generation.

    • Answered by Kathleen M from Lawrenceville
    • 08 3, 15
  • Yes the iPod touch 5 & 6 fit in the same case they are exactly the same size

    • Answered by Judith M
    • 02 18, 16
  • The case will fit on the iPod, but the speaker location has changed, and the case (at least my case did) for the 5th gen will cover the speaker on the 6th gen iPod.

    • Answered by Dennis C from York
    • 02 18, 16
  • Yes, the iPod touch 5 and 6 are exactly the same size, but the only problem with buying a 5 case is it will have a small hole at the bottom of the case where there was an extra part. This isn't on the iPod touch 6 but I had an iPod 5 then got a 6 so I use all my old cases.... The hole doesn't bother me much though...

    • Answered by Naomi W
    • 08 17, 16
  • actually yes u can. The thing is it wont have the open circle that the wristband holds onto.

    • Answered by Sarah W from Dickinson
    • 10 22, 16
  • Yes the only difference is that most iPod touch 5th generation cases have a port for the wristloop. besides that it is compatible

    • Answered by Kyle F from Farmingdale
    • 01 12, 17
  • Yes. It will. But if it's a case designed for the Mid 2012 5th Generation or 16GB any model then it'll fit PERFECTLY! But if it's one that's designed for 32gB or above on any model then it'll have the cut-out for the iPod Loop. Don't worry about this though, it'll just be a way of showing others which colour iPod you have!

    Yours Sincerely,
    Lucas Ormerod

    • Answered by Lucas O
    • 12 24, 16