does the ipod touch 5g have a USB port

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    sort of but not really -- it's complicated. The iPod touch 5th generation has a sync/charge cord with a special plug at one end that only fits ipod5, iPadMini, and maybe also iPhone5 (not sure about that last one). Presumably newer ipods and ipads will also use this new adapter plug. Anyhow, the other end of the cord is a standard USB plug. TO CHARGE YOUR IPOD, you can use this cord to charge and sync your iPod5 directly from your regular computer (if it's a portable/laptop, be sure it's plugged into its own charger before using it to charge your iPod), or for $20 you can buy an adaptor that accepts a USB plug at one end and plugs into a normal wall outlet at the other. TO SYNC YOUR IPOD WITH ITUNES on your computer, you plug it into your computer while iTunes is open. Your iTunes ID and password need to be the same across the two machines for syncing to work, of course. Whatever you have in iTunes that you want to add to the iPod, you can do via this synchronization. You can even create stuff (music files, pdf files, etc.) on your PC or iMac or MacBook and put them into iTunes and they can then be transferred to the hard memory on your iPod. Similarly, stuff that you've downloaded directly onto the iPod over WiFi can be transferred to the computer during this sync.

    BUT -- there's not a simple straightforward way to use a USB connection to transfer stuff to or from the iPod5. If you can't do the transfer via this "sync" process. then you can't do it via USB. You can bring stuff onto the iPod5 via iCloud but of course you don't need a USB port to do that.

    In other words, except for this special "sync with iTunes account" process, the answer is "no." If you include this sync process, then the answer is "yes." I.e., it's complicated!

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • 02 26, 13
  • The 5th generation iPod touch does not have a USB port, nor do any other Apple mobile devices.

    • Answered by Dereck H from Alpharetta
    • 02 26, 13